Our Client Base

 "The Morris Group USA provides services to businesses that need trusted advice in new territory due to company expansion into new markets.  We specialize in assisting small-to medium-sized businesses that find themselves in uncharted territory due to mergers and acquisitions, changes in corporate leadership, or large shifts in their established markets.”

Some of our satisfied clients include:


  • An aggregate and cement mixer plant owner in Arizona, needing to source cement suppliers from Mexico and Latin America
  • A large cement manufacturer in Arizona needing help in negotiating terms to secure cement imports.
  • Trusted advisor to several Native American Nations in Washington State, and Arizona to help find buyers for their products.
  • A  five-star boutique hotel contractor from Arizona required help meeting engineering regulatory construction compliance to secure construction permits in Mexico.
  • Several Mexican businessmen along the U.S.- Mexican border needing to explore economic development with U.S. cities and states
  • A mobile high-tech laboratory manufacturer in Oregon wishing to penetrate the market to export their products to Mexico.
  • States manufacturers needing assistance to access the market in the petrochemical industry in order to sell their products.
  • A five-star hotel owner in Mexico needing to find global investors.
  • A property owner in Tulum, MX., needing investors to build retirement communities.
  • Petrochemical Industry (PEMEX) needing a broker to find companies who can design and build refineries to specifications 
  • Advisor to a large U.S. steel manufacturer from North Carolina needing to partner with a Mexican firm to build specialty steel.
  • A wastewater company needing construction services companies from Mexico to build large water and wastewater projects.
  • A Mexican company wishing to invest in the U.S. in the food and restaurant sector
  • Match investors - Sourcing of U.S. companies wishing to partner with foreign investor 49%


Client Industries

We have served clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Federal and State Governments
  • Real Estate U.S. and Mexico
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Trade and Tourism Investors and developers
  • FDI Investments




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